Guide to nature and landscape photography locations in Ontario

With so much of the web being devoted to commerical establishments with the goal of earning revenue by providing services or entertainment, there's not much space for the simpler things in life... like getting outdoors for a walk, hike, cycle or canoe, camera in hand and tripod over the shoulder.

This website resulted from workshop participants asking me where to go to great photographs in Ontario. We who live in Ontario sometimes  overlook the places around us; too often, we  have our sights set on warmer, sunnier climbs. We also forget how large the province really is, but with that size comes a diversity of opportunities for nature and landscape phtotography.

Southern Ontario alone is over 170,000km2 which is over 66,000 sq. miles, or about the size of Florida and larger than England and Wales together. For northern Ontario? Add another 800,000km2 (or 308,000 sq. mi.) – that's much larger than Texas or France!

Anyway, the point is, it's easy to be confounded with all the choices, so here is a one-stop location for finding great places to make great photographs. And, if you're not a photographer and just looking for a place to get away to, you'll find it here.

Terry McDonald

July 2015

BTW – I'm a nature and landscape photographer, too. You'll find my work at Enjoy!

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