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Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Sulphur Creek flows thorugh this large forested valley


Photographic Potential:  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Natural History Diversity: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Landscape Features: Viewpoints & vistas, escarpment headlands, bedrock outcrops; autumn colours;

Meandering, forested slow-moving Sulphur Creek with small, rocky cascades, pools & riffles

Flora & Fauna: Spring wildflowers in diverse & mature deciduous and mixed forests of maple, beech and ash with some hemlock and pines; moist ground cover communities of mosses and ferns with mature nurse log and moist boulder communities of moss, ferns, spleenworts, polypody and lichen.

In Merrick area are mature meadows, meadow birds & butterflies.

Forested river bank, forest birds, rural field landscape


Location: (1) Dundas Valley Field Centre (Main parking area): off Governor's Road (Hamilton Road 99), Dundas;

(2) Hermitage Parking Lot: Off Mineral Springs Road, Ancaster

Facilities: Parking Lot (paid), interpretive signs, wheelchair access, picnic tables, public toilets - flush, Dundas Valley Trail Centre with coffee shop/tea room

Access: Along the Bruce Trail and various side trails totalling 40km; mostly wide walking paths with some narrow, rugged and/or rocky trails, cycling path

Winter Access: Walking/hiking possible, depending on snow conditions, nordic skiing, snowshoeing

Notes: Beautifully situated waterfall viewed from below; Plunge pool and waterfall base easily accessed (but draws many people at peak times); Winter ice develops; popular with ice climbers

Hazards & Precautions: Rugged rocky trail in places, rocks slippery when wet, wet and muddy stretches of trail, cliff edges, poison ivy, cyclists also use this trail

Additional Information (links open in a new window):

  •  Hamilton Conservation Authority-Dundas Valley  |  Fees PDF

  •  Bruce Trail Map 8 (direct download for $3)


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