Guide to nature and landscape photography locations in Ontario


Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area

Forested river gorge with two spectacular waterfalls


Photographic Potential:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Natural History Diversity: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Landscape Features: Various viewpoints & vistas of two significant waterfalls – 41m Tews Falls and 22m Webster's Falls – their deep gorges and the forested ravines connecting them; high cliffs, rocky escarpment headlands, bedrock outcrops; both rivers have rocky stream beds below the falls, but are difficult to access

Dundas Peak trail leads to an overlook of Dundas and the Spencer Gorge, ideal for autumn colours as is the trail between the two waterfalls

Flora & Fauna: Spring wildflowers in a mostly deciduous forest setting


Location: (1) Webster's Falls is off Fallsview Road;

(2) Tews Falls is off Harvest Road;

(3) There is no safe and legal way to access the bottom of the valley  

Facilities: Parking lots (both paid), picnic tables, public toilets - portables, interpretive signs, viewpoint

Access: Easy walk to each waterfalf from their respective parking lots; 500m trail between is easy, along a Bruce Trail side trail; wide walking paths, check opening times online

Winter Access: It's a short walk from each parking lot to the waterfalls, although the parking lot may not be cleared of snow

Notes: Two very photogenic waterfalls – Webster's and Tews – and large forested ravine with excellent viewpoints including Dundas Peak with a view up and down the Dundas Valley

Hazards & Precautions: In some places the trail is rugged and rocky; beware of cliff edges, and down in the valley, fast-flowing water

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